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((set sometime shortly after this)

Fett did a few quick scans of the surrounding areas as the park continued to fall apart piece by piece. Nothing repaired itself, nothing reappeared in its proper place. He hadn't been so sure that the plan would work, in fact.

But even given that, he should have been prepared for every possible outcome.

He was only ever used to having a target, a purpose, and so he thought of it as one target at large as he continued down the sidewalks, firing his blaster rifle at windows, cables and offending signage. Fett made his way back to New Orleans Square with one thought on his mind.

If this did all go to hell, he hadn't had the chance to even ask Sunshine what she thought of it. That seemed almost morally wrong, somehow. She had been the only person in this place whose opinion had counted for something in a whole alternate dimension of madmen and impossible things.

He found her under her doorway, staring out at the changed landscape and looking... really exactly how he had imagined she would, given the circumstances.

"Are you hurt?" he asked on approach. As good a way to start a conversation as any, if you're a bounty hunter.
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