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Aziraphale had promised he would visit Chii, and as usual he'd gone and absent-mindedly put it off for far too long. Inexcusable, really, especially after the incident at the prayer meeting. (Really, it was no wonder he had so few friends back home. Human lifespans made the habit of visiting only once every few years or so problematical.)

But finally one morning the thought struck him at a moment when no other distraction was waiting on its heels to derail his attention, and he set off for the Cat's Eye Cafe to see how the little robot was faring. He brought along a book of Bible stories and some other appropriate children's literature he thought she might like; he wasn't sure what Susan had already shown her, and goodness only knew what she'd been picking up from the other park residents. The girl's mind was like a dry sponge, and in his opinion that was only sometimes a good thing.

"Hello?" he called as he walked in the door of the cafe, just a little anxiously. "Chii? Are you here, child?" Things in the park being the way they were, one could never be quite sure of getting the answer one expected.

Date: 2008-10-20 02:52 am (UTC)
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Despite Aziraphale's absent-mindedness on visiting, if Chii wasn't currently living in a random world that might spit her back out any minute, Aziraphale would have little to worry. Being a robot, he could forget about a visit for years, show up, and she'd be there. Probably happy as ever to see him, as well, as she was with anyone.

At the moment of his arrival, she had been placing out a plate of pumpkin tarts ( miniature pumpkin pies, with a dollop of cream cheese based frosting right on top ) in the hopes of a visitor ( anyone was welcome at this point ), so she was all too overjoyed to hear a familiar voice. To her, it was associated with friendliness, kindness and gentle direction. She knew it at once and turned, beaming.

"Mr. Fell!" With that exclamation, she rushed at him for a full on hug that only could be called a glomp. Normally, Chii wasn't that energetic about these things, but she had been so lonely lately, the importance of the visit to her was proportional to the output of glee. "Chii!!"

Date: 2008-10-20 04:50 am (UTC)
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"Chii!" She let go after the pleasantries, then immediately assured him, "I am doing well. How is Mr. Fell doing?" before pointing to the tray with the offer, "Would you like anything to eat? Drink?"

Date: 2008-10-23 12:48 am (UTC)
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"Yes, I made them," Chii responded to the tart question, then took the books. Her smile switched to a look of curiosity as she looked them over. It was a little while before she remembered her manners and bowed. "Thank you, Mr. Fell. This was a thoughtful gift that I can use."

Then she took a seat, still holding the books. "What has Mr. Fell been doing lately? Are there more prayer meetings for the future?"

Date: 2008-10-28 03:36 pm (UTC)
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Chii nodded her head when Aziraphale spoke of praying together. She barely even caught the concept, but if Mr. Fell was praying it had to be the right thing to do. Right? When he was done speaking she voiced her feelings, "I will gladly pray with you, until the time when I can learn to pray better."

As for calling things quiet, Chii went blank for a moment and thought about this. For her, it was very quiet when no one was around, and while she didn't fully understand a lot of things, she had learned what loneliness was, rather quickly. With an expression that might be considered sad on a human being with feelings, Chii asked, "Is quiet a good thing? I feel like it is a bad thing."


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