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Ryou blinks. Wasn't he just strolling through the park? How had he wound up here? He looks around and takes in the view. A brick-lain floor, a large plant front with the face of Mickey Mouse, and what appeared to be a train station on a bridge loom in front of him, while turnstiles and gates sta at his back. Beyond the gate, however, was nothing.

"How odd." Ryou said out loud.

There was not a person to be seen. Ryou was starting to get a creeping feeling up his spine when, from under one edge of the bridge, ran a mouse.

"My, I must be daydreaming..." Ryou muttered as the familiar character of Mickey Mouse stopped in front of him.

"Ha, hello there! Name's Mickey, Mickey Mouse!"

"I... I know who you are..." Ryou stuttered faintly.

Mickey coughs theatrically. "'What is your name?'"

"My name? I'm Ryou Bakura. Do you know where I am?"

"What is your quest?" asks the Cat. It's perched, suddenly, on the roof of one of the gate-stiles.

Ryou spins around in surprise at the new voice. "Quest?"

He is silent for a few moments for answering.

"I suppose my quest is to find out the secrets that lie behind my Sennen Ring."Ryou says and indicates the large gold ring hanging around his neck. It has a pyriamid with an eye in the center and five golden spikes hanging downward. However, he fails to tell them about the time he awoke with five bloody holes in his chest and no memory of the previous night.

"'What is the average w..?'" Mickey frowns down at the notebook. "You know, I don't really see why that's important." He flips a page. "'If you could be granted three wishes, what would they be?'"

"I would wish for my sister to come back." Ryou says softly and without a second though. "I would use all of my wishes to bring her back in a heartbeat. She was killed in a car accident a few years ago. I miss her more every single day..."

He looks at the ground and tries not to cry.

"Or," the Cat says, examining its tail with interest, "if you were a genie and someone you were trying to give three wishes to was trying to trick you into giving him more, what would you say?"

After a few moments of silent rememberance, Ryou ponders on the question. However, the Sennen Ring begins to glow and, with no other warning, Bekhura takes over. His cruel eyes examine the Cat before answering.

"I would say nothing, but would not hesitate to flay them alive."

Mickey looks rather nonplussed at the next, but reads, "'When the revolution comes, what skills will you be able to barter for food?'"

Bekhura throws his head back and lets out a howling laugh. "Revolution? Skills? You have no idea who I am. I can steal my own food. If that doesn't work out, for some Ra-forsaken reason, I can kill to survive. I've done it before and I can do it again" His eyes sparkle at the though of the mayhem he can cause.

The Cat rolls its eyes in a friendly (and rather disconcertingly out-of-sync) way, and asks, "Milk, dark, or white chocolate?"

"Chocolate? What the devil is chocolate? You mean that sweet square thing Ryou eats?" Bekhura questions. He has no knowledge of modern day treats, except for the creme puffs his counterpart so adores. "I despise the stuff. Ryou enjoys it though..." He pauses to think for a moment.

"He usually eats white sweets..."

"'Choose the two coolest: robots, pirates, fairies, bears, ninjas, monkeys, vampires, or humans,'" says Mickey, giggling a bit as he goes through the list. "'Explain.'"

Bekhura stares at the mouse, looking irritated.

"Why in hells... what a stupid question..."

He glares as through the offending question is in front of him before answering. "Vampires. I've often been compared to one, which means they are excellent. As for the second choice... fairies. Magic is not to be disrespected." He furrows his brows as though he just remembers something.

"Wait a minute, why in hells are we here?"

"Great!" Mickey flips through the blank pages of the notebook at top, cartoon-y speed. "Well, I think that's just about it! Oh, and I'm supposed to ask, 'for your safety: are you carrying anything sharp?'"

At this, Bekhura laughs again, this time in real amusement.

"Sharp objects, me? Obviously!"

At this, he pulls up a pant leg to reveal two daggers strapped to either side of his ankle. He drops the leg and says "Typically I would have more, but we were just going out for a moment... now where the hells is this?"

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"Why do you carry daggers around?" Rukia asks, as she approaches. Her tone isn't judgmental. She merely seems genuinely curious.

Date: 2008-10-30 07:54 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kuchiki.livejournal.com
"I see," said Rukia, slightly suspiciously. There's something different about him, something she can't put her finger on but something she doesn't entirely trust, even though he seems nice enough.

"Well, I'm Rukia. Has anyone explained any of this to you yet?"

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Date: 2008-10-28 03:48 pm (UTC)
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Chii was slightly aware the person had suddenly seemed different, but she couldn't detail this feeling, or why she thought so. This was not what the robot wanted to focus on anyway.

When Chii approached Ryou/Bakura, she gave him a curtsy and her usual greeting, "Hello, Ryou-san. I'm Chii," taking care to add in, "You are in Disneyland," as he had seemed confused about his location.

"And why do you want your sister back? Where did she go?" Chii had to ask. There was something painfully familiar about the sentiment, but Chii, again, didn't know what.

Date: 2008-10-30 12:04 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ningyou-hime.livejournal.com
"You were never able to visit before?" Chii asked, curiously. How did that work? No one seemed able to leave the place, but then, Chii didn't understand wanting to leave Disneyland.

The information on Ryou's sister caused her eyes to go blank as she observed his sadness. "Dead.... People don't come back from dead."


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