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((set not long after the Master gives the Rani some blood to test.))

The only thing worse than the Rani's curiosity was his own particularly violent brand.

He had to know what made this one so special, so exceptional amid the rest. There were certainly characters about the place, people who had a little something extra, and some who had obvious abilities that transcended beyond planet Earth, but nothing quite so... subtle. Nearly elegant.

After doing a little careful reconnaissance, he found out where the young man was staying on the grounds. That old adage 'no time like the present' was not one that he usually set much store by, but in this case it served his purpose. –or maybe its purpose, wouldn't be the first time (you've lost parts of yourself, that's what the divine butterfly told you)

He couldn't sit on his hands any longer.

It was nightfall when he showed up at Le Bat En Rouge. That same razor rested innocently in his pocket, but he was after a little more than last time. Only polite that he pay the visit to get it.

He knocked on the door and noticed then that there was a grinding noise beneath his shoe. Looking down and drawing a deep breath through his nose, he had a moment of disbelief before realising that yes, the doorjamb was lined with salt.

What was going on here?
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