Sep. 12th, 2008

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((closed RP for Sam and the Master))

(It's like an old picture in black and white from some noir film, a beautiful woman smoking a cigarette, the man across from her sipping something expensive from a highball glass. They're talking, words he doesn't quite understand, and there's laughter in their tones, an almost lightness. He recognizes her, it's Una, and the man)

(his eyes, darkening, it could be intimacy but it's not, and he knows that face too, that smile that's a lie, he met the Master at the gates when the man - alien - first arrived. he'd thought he could be a demon then and he thinks so now)

(at the sight of her pressed up against the wall, straining for air as the Master's elegant-but-cruel hands tighten around her throat, and he isn't stopping, isn't giving room for air, and the look on her face that suggested this could all be just a dangerous game slips under the sounds of a windpipe slowly collapsing beneath his fingers)

Sam gasped, seeing a distant glimpse of the ground close to his nose, was aware that (the same room, now in disarray; there had to have been a struggle.) his chest was heaving and the staggering, stabbing pain (the outside of the Toon Town City Hall, one door ever so slightly ajar.) behind his eyes was lessening some. The ground was wet where he'd dropped a half-drunk can of Coke-Cola, the sight slowly spreading liquid interspersed in his sight with the flagging pieces of the vision.

(Una's body, pale and broken and lifeless, and the Master's hands covered in her blood)

He hadn't had a vision since he'd come to the park. He'd never had a vision that hadn't been centered around one of the children like him, or the demon that stalked them. He'd never had a vision with so many complicated pieces. Sam let his forehead rest on the pavement, feeling how his knees ached from falling on them. He'd been right about what he told John- his visions were getting stronger.

Or maybe he was making them stronger.

And things are gonna slide in all directions, won't be nothing you can measure anymore. )
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It had been a bit much, despite Setsuna's adaption to Disneyland and the bit of maturity he had experienced; when Katou, Sara and Kurai disappeared, he found himself deeply depressed. He didn't feel like doing much, and as he could feel Kira's location, he locked himself in the theatre's radio booth. In the very least, he kept his music to himself, not wanting to draw attention to the radio, but none of it was very happy music.

Happy music, at the moment, just annoyed him.

There was, he feared, though, a limited amount of time before Kira discovered where he was, stalked after him, and dragged him out. That would be one reason he hadn't bothered going off into hiding. Kira would just find him anyway. For now, he stared absently at the door and tried to think about what he would do when Kira came along.

Nothing came to mind. He just hoped it wasn't for a while, and that Kira understood.
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Kyouya had been working lately; as difficult as it was to find more work to do, he had recently discovered some information saved to his computer that had allowed him to start some calculations he had previously been unable to do. Having an actual project had interested him, and he spent nearly a week buried in his work and plans, paying very little attention to anything else now that there was finally something that wasn't pointless to get done.

He was good at burying himself in work, which was why it hit so hard when he suddenly realized that he hadn't seen, heard from, or been bothered by Tamaki in days. Not necessarily completely uncommon, if Tamaki had gotten distracted, but not a happy discovery, either. He went to Tamaki's stupid house at Peter Pan's Flight, and...Tamaki wasn't there. Obviously there was still a chance that the idiot was just out bothering someone else, but after a few days and a thorough search of the park, there was still no sign on him.

Kyouya went back to the apartment and finished what he'd been working on, a process which took another day or two.

And then, he packed a bag with his wallet and phone, the clothing he'd brought with him, and Tamaki's things that he'd left behind, and left it in his room. However, he left his computer and computer case out, and with just that in hand, he walked to Mickey's house and knocked on the door.


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