Jun. 23rd, 2008

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There was little enough to do in the park to keep a guy occupied for an entire day, let alone over night, so the first night Dean didn’t come back to Le Bat En Rouge Sam was kind of worried. When his brother didn’t show up the next day either, he popped over to Starbuck’s around dusk and casually asked if she’d seen him, making up a story about how his brother had stolen all his Latin notes to explain why he was looking. And after two more days, in which he had scoured every square inch of the park, he was certain that Dean wasn’t in the park any more

He kept it to himself for a while, and then he wrote a letter to Cayce, which read simply;

For the census.

Dean Winchester has left the building.


About five days after Dean’s initial disappearance, Sam showed up at Space Mountain, hands shoved in the pockets of a navy hoodie from one of the shops and a somber look on his face.

((ETA: Warning for sexy-times.))


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