Jun. 20th, 2008

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It was yet another sunny morning. )

((Some small number of days after Una's latest confab with Starbuck. Closed to Una and the Master; of course, as long as they're outside, passersby who might conceivably be in the area could easily catch sight of them, but it's probably best not to interfere.  ^_^))

((ETA: *facepalm* Do I really have to say anything, warning-wise? We should know better than to leave them around sharp objects...))
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Beaufort was not only bored, he was already missing talking to Marguerite, and not only because she was his only fellow Frenchperson, either. His first thought was to turn up at her door with a bottle of wine and offer her help with her new cafe, or offer her a break, whatever she preferred. However, he then remembered the entire lack of wine, so tried to think of something else he could take and share instead.

After much deliberation, he turned up at the door of where she was living with two cans of Coke and some grape juice. He was familiar with the Coke of the 1940s, even if it was an insult to European culture, but the modern stuff was different, and he was very sure that Marguerite would need introducing. The grape juice was a fall back, and as close to wine as he could pull off.

Juggling all the items, he knocked on the door and waited. He hoped her husband was not here, as that could be awkward.


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