May. 14th, 2008

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Taking Mama to the party was a disaster. Which was pretty much what Gypsy had expected, as the two of them had left the theater for the waiting limousine, arms around each other's waists and laughing like they hadn't for as long as she could remember. It was worth it, for that one warm moment of feeling noticed, of handing over her fur coat and seeing that greedy pride light up her mother's face. And watching Madam Rose in all her glory swan around a New York soiree didn't make a bad night's entertainment.

But then. There Gypsy was, listening to her mother holding court, sipping a martini with an ache in her chest and a little smile on her face, and Mencken came and patted her on the arm, sympathetic-like. "She made you bring her?" And suddenly the room was too bright, and too stuffy, and everyone was laughing much too loud, and that was ridiculous because lights and heat and noise were her home. But for a second there she was Louise again, and she didn't want to know what or who the joke here was.

Rose didn't want to leave. Gypsy had to make up an important interview the next morning just to get her out and into the limo, and then they had to head back to the theater to pick up her Pekinese, and Rose just wouldn't stop giving advice. Gypsy leaned against one of her wardrobe trunks, sipped the cocktail she'd clung to walking out of the party, and closed her eyes.

When she opens them again, everything looks a lot brighter. Literally, not figuratively. She looks around, looks down at the trunk she was still leaning on, at Mickey's approaching figure, and finally, with deep suspicion, at the glass she's holding.

"Mother, I swear to you, if you dropped dope in my drink...!"

Presenting! In person! )
((Louise/Gypsy Rose Lee, from Gypsy: A Musical Fable.))


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