May. 13th, 2008

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Marguerite had found some old clothes that she was able to patch together in order to have some sort of a change of clothing, besides that most of her time was taken up with ideas for her cafe. Seeing as her rooms wouldn't be like home as she liked, a French inspired cafe might just do the trick. Fretting about she made a list of things to do and get. Before long she realized she needed some help. She needed to reach out, but to whom? Perhaps this Kit fellow Percy had mentioned. Surly he would be of help.

Dear Kit,

Hello, I am aware that you don't know me, but it would seem we have a common acquaintance. Well, more than that actually. I am new here and I was informed by my husband, Percy that if I needed any help or anything that you would be a helpful sort. I do understand that this is most improper seeing as we have yet to be formally introduced, but I do hope you can forgive me that. If you are otherwise inclined, I truly understand and perhaps another time.

Marguerite Blakeney


A world of laughter. A world of tears. A world of hope. A world of fears.

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