Apr. 24th, 2008

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At first, Orihime was simply puzzled why Disneyland was suddenly before her, but soon that was forgotten and she filled her head with the many wonderful things she could do and eat there. Then, of course, she noticed the mouse and cat....

I hope this is as good as it sounds in my head )

[[I am pulling Orihime in just after the save Rukia plot in the series, and have gathered Rukia-mun's permission to take her on; as well as the former Ichigo-mun's, just in case. Extra information is found here.]]
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((Closed to Sam and Katou))

As annoyed as he had been about Katou’s attitude, Sam didn’t really feel like getting into another argument over it. Still, you didn’t tell a guy he was acting like an asshole over the radio so that everyone could hear and then not follow up, so he went out and sat at the foot of the Walt statue, as he had said he would.

With any luck the guy would accept an apology with minimal fuss. Sam wasn’t sorry, exactly, but he didn’t mind apologizing anyway, and the point had been made.


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