Apr. 21st, 2008

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((closed to Starbuck and the Doctor. Takes place a while after Una and Starbuck's night of drunken revelry. Also after the Rani's arrival.))

Sador had been gone all day. Which wouldn't have been anything special except for the fact that she hadn't come in to get lunch. Which meant that someone had probably fed her horrible park food. Starbuck was going to have to put up warnings about that dog: "May Throw Up On Your Shoes If You Feed Her Pizza". Oh, well. Not her problem for now.

He's a wounded animal, he lives in a matchbox and he's been coming around here. He's a dying breed. )
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((Closed for Susan and Sam))

Sam had spent the last… well, it had to have been at least a month by this point… mostly hidden away in the Hungry Bear Restaurant trying to bend spoons or lift glasses off of shelves with his mind. So far all he had gained for his trouble were a lot of rather severe headaches.

They’re steppin’ on his gold terrain, he’s movin’ on with bold refrain. )


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