Apr. 14th, 2008

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Katou was, once again, bored off his rocker. He was also trying to take his mind off of the dreams he had been having, which were either getting worse, or just bothering him a lot more than they used to.

He vaguely remembered Susan dropping a name when Katou stole the cough medicine, and though Kira and Setsuna hadn't seemed so pleased last time, Katou would just make a point to not go home until he was sober again.


Hi. You don't know me. I'm Katou. I stole cough medicine a few weeks ago, and Susan mentioned you.

- Katou
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Kyouya liked to think of himself as a quiet, solitary person. Although he was quite comfortable socializing, he only did it out of necessity, and preferred to be by himself and to be acting productively. He had been that way all of his life, never particularly wanting to do things or spend time with people when it didn't benefit him. It was Tamaki who had forced him out of this habit, and who had brought him into the crazy world of Host Clubs and Commoner Games.

Kyouya wasn't one to emo, but... )
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The notice is actually a half badly drawn poster, with lots of colourful writing and a picture of what seem to be punks on a pirate ship, but it's rather difficult to tell, as they're just stick men. Shaun was never a great artist, but he tried. There's the typical bright blue sea and island with a single palm tree, followed by a message carefully written out in red felt tip pen.

The Capt'n and Shaun present!

Anarchy in Disneyland! God Save the Pirate King and so on...

We're doing a pirate punk themed radio show, to educate you all in the ways of punk rock, ska and swashbuckling genius.

So, we want your requests! Stick to the theme guys, because I'm not playing any rubbish. That ain't on.

If there isn't a spontaneous skanking in Main Street by the time we've finished, I'll sulk.

Shaun and Captain Barbossa.

((Deadline for requests is 5am GMT or midnight EST Thursday the 17th of April. Comments screened as usual, yadayada, you know the drill. Show will be posted on the Friday.))


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