Apr. 13th, 2008

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Tamaki loved Kyouya. He really did. But the thing was, Tamaki only loved Kyouya as a friend. A very close and personal friend, but he had no romantic feelings for him.

Which was going to make this conversation very, very difficult.

Tamaki had been more than willing to chalk up Kyouya's first song request to the fact that Kyouya thought that Tamaki would like the song, which Tamaki had! Tamaki hadn't thought anything else of it, nor had he thought anything of Kyouya's strange display of affection on the Splash Mountain ride. At the time, he had simply figured that Kyouya had been scared.

But Tamaki couldn't make heads or tails of Kyouya's second song dedication. It wasn't the type of music that Tamaki usually listened to, and he knew Kyouya must have known that. And after analysing all the information he had so far, he had come to a startling conclusion.

Kyouya was in love with him. Kyouya was romantically in love with him.

It really shouldn't've been a surprise, seeing as Tamaki was irrisistable. Still, he needed to talk to Kyouya about this.

Dearest Kyouya,

I am of the belief that you and I need to have A Talk. Would you please meet me at the Host Club Café?

Your dear and best Friend,

Tamaki Suoh
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It was early in the morning, perhaps an hour or so past sunrise (two hash marks on the Fantasyland sundial), and Miss Mrs Una Persson was out looking for ... something. She'd woken up from a vivid dream with the conviction that she really needed to find a Royal Albert gent's bicycle. Of course, as the dream faded, she couldn't remember why that could possibly important. But by then, she was already halfway across the park.

Well, sod.

Nothing for it, she decided, but to get something to eat and figure out what to do with the new day.

((Any and all are welcome to chat with or bother her at any point in the day.))


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