Apr. 9th, 2008

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[Over the radio plays E Nomine's Mitternacht.]

Hey everyone, Katou here. And like I said, if you requested shitty music - and hoo boy, did some of you request really shitty music - I won't be playing it. You see, my radio's got standards.

So, let's get this party started )
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Despite the fact that Katou found that he actually did need to sleep, he didn't like it when he fell asleep - which was always during the day when he was sure that all his housemates were gone. He wouldn't've minded it so much - he found when he woke up he would always keep his face, which had been his main concern, but it seemed that he could not go to sleep at all without having horrible nightmares. He figured this was probably normal, seeing as he had been in a war, but it was pissing him off. He couldn't decide if he liked it better when he could remember the dreams, or when he couldn't, because at least when he remembered them, he knew exactly what it was that was making him jumpy and upset for the next few hours.

Well, this sucks )

Katou woke up, sweating again. He made sure that his mind connection with Setsuna had remained closed, went to splash cold water on his face, and leaned against the bathroom wall for only a couple of minutes before he headed to the theatre and toward the Autopia garage.

"Virgil?" he called, making sure that his voice was light and cheerful, despite the fact that his face was pale and he was a little clammy. Hopefully, Virgil wouldn't notice. "You there?"
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((closed to Fett and Cayce. Set very soon after the Sylar Problem went a little boom.))

Since the departure of Sweeney Todd and Mrs Lovett, Boba Fett had not had any reason to communicate with Cayce Pollard. However, keeping an eye on the park and the general status of the occupants therein, Fett was bound to see that Cayce looked somehow injured when he saw her walking recently.

He needed to find out what was wrong in case it was a threat to the park. And since he was unsure how she was injured, he reasoned that it would be best to stop off at the Starcade and speak with her directly. The next day he did just that, knocking on the door with a gloved hand.
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You ready to go treasure huntin' again? I wanna figure out where that map leads...



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