Apr. 5th, 2008

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Katou lived in the Theatre, with Kira, Setsuna, Sara, and the cat.

Katou had kind of always wanted to be a radio DJ. He loved music, and, if when he had been alive he hadn't been totally against working, he might have applied for a job at a radio station and worked his way up to DJ.

Katou had yet to do a single radio show. What the hell was up with that.

So, he found himself going up to the radio room one day, figuring out easily enough how to turn everything on, and made an announcment.

"Hey assholes," he said. "Katou here, your DJ for the next show. Fuck your guyses little notes that you tack on to that board, you guys are going to listen to me right now. Mail your requests in to me - address them to Katou - and in like, fuck, I don't know, three days time, I'll play them.

"Assuming they don't suck, which they probably will. Seriously guys, I'm not going to play shitty ass music, so you'd better send in some damn good requests."

Then, he cued up The Radio Song by Superbus.

Oh yeah, Katou had a fucking sexy radio voice.

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