Apr. 3rd, 2008

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It had been sometime since Seeley Booth had some time to himself. He couldn't bring himself to say it allowed and make it more real but he had a feeling he was here for good, without Parker. Sort of ironic if you think about, stuck in a child's park without his son. Although, he was happy he had the girls, it was a relief to see Bones really. He couldn't help but grin thinking if the 'Grave Digger' knew where Bones had ended up how he'd react. Leaving a note for the girls he set off to explore.

"Penny Arcade!" Seeley exclaimed. This place wasn't going to be all that bad it seemed. "Pinball!"

((Open as, something really open! Feel free to join Booth in his exctired Pinball fest or distract him! :D ))
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"You, no trouble. Me fifth element. Supreme being. Me protect you. Sleep."

And then a lady walks up and wishes him sweet dreams and presses a button, and he sleeps.

But she is still awake, still eager to absorb and belong. She must think and adapt and sort through all the new information she has collected, and be content with that for the short time she has. Soak it up like cloth in water. She goes through the words she's learned: alien, broken, care, delve, echo, feather, give, heal, igloo, joke, keep, lemon, melt, new, oval, paint....

She isn't supposed to drift off herself. )

((This is Leeloo. She is the supreme being sent to Earth to save the universe. >_> No, really. Really, really. I took her mid-movie, right before she and Korben arrive in Phloston Paradise to retrieve the four stones. Also, the other language that she's speaking is called the Divine or Ancient language. Spoken in the universe before time was time, according to some. She's still learning English, so bear with her. Oh, and this is Crichton-mun, btw. ^_^))
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It’d been so long since he’d seen another TARDIS.

Granted, she looked like a small maintenance building at the moment –rather unfair, really, the way everyone always got all snippy about his TARDIS stuck as a police box. at least she was always good-looking– but it still gave him gooseflesh.

“Hello sweetheart,” he’d murmured to her, stroking one hand along the doorframe. “Hello beautiful,” and then “I’m so sorry,” before going to sit on a bench a few feet away and taking out his red rubber ball. He considered pegging it off the Rani’s TARDIS’s door, but remembered in time the incident with the Master and the jelly babies and settled for bouncing it down onto the pavement between his feet.

((Closed for the Doctor and the Rani))


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