Mar. 31st, 2008

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With a sudden flash of light like a bolt of lightning, a blonde woman appears in front of the gates. She appears to be quite young, she's dressed in cargo pants, a green bomber jacket, and a shirt with the Union Jack on it, there's a cigarette perched between her lips, and despite her strange entrance, she seems to be unphased by the sudden arrival.

Jenny looks around slowly, and takes a deep drag of her cigarette. After a few seconds, she takes it out of her mouth and comments to no one in particular "So Disneyland's the sodding afterlife, then. It bloody well figures."

Because DL seemed to be low on superpowered blondes, electricity users, and people who don't age properly )

((Jenny Sparks is from the comic book series Stormwatch and the Authority. She's taken from the end of Authority #12, post-death. Some spoilers for the early Authority. See Jenny's profile for information on powers and such.))
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Having finally healed up (as well as he could) from Crowley's little interference, Sylar was out and about again. Mostly just trying to relax with a candy apple, but keeping his eyes open for people of-- interest.

[been a while, but open for anyone!]
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A yellow bear with a sun on his tummy smiled contentedly as he slid into the entrance plaza on a bright beam of sunshine.

Mickey coughs theatrically. "'What is your name?'"

"I'm Funshine Bear from the Kingdom of Caring next to the Forest of Feelings! What's yours? Are you a Care Bear cousin?" He checked the mouse's tummy for a symbol.

"What is your quest?" asks the Cat. It's perched, suddenly, on the roof of one of the gate-stiles.

Funshine looked around curiously. "Well, the Caring Meter was starting to point towards the rainclouds, so I thought I'd better come on a caring mission. Do you want to play some fun games?"

I know a lot of fun games. )
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A girl with red hair covered by a poofy pink hat who smells like strawberys is at Disneyland.

Mickey coughs theatrically. "'What is your name?'"

She looks at the mouse. "I am Strawbery Shortcake, don't you know. and I want to be you're berry best friend."

( You can call me Strawbery. )
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"He went into City Hall!" exclaims Blossom. "We have to save the Mayor!"

"I'm on it," replies Buttercup, streaking past. "I'm gonna kick his ugly monkey butt."

Bubbles' squeaky voice pipes up. "Save some for me!"

But Buttercup crashes into the building and falls to the ground, rubbing her head. "What? I shoulda gone right through the wall..."

"You should," echoes Bubbles.

"That's not Townsville's City Hall," Blossom observes flatly, landing next to her sister. "What's going on here?"

Mickey coughs theatrically. "'What is your name?'"

The three girls stare at him. "I'm Blossom," says the redhead finally. "Buttercup," snaps the brunette. "And I'm Bubbles," giggles the blonde. "We're the Powerpuff Girls."

Blossom interrupts, "But we're very busy saving the town, so we have to go now."

"…could be Mojo Jojo in one of those stupid disguises. I should kick his butt just to make sure…" mutters Buttercup.

"I like flowers!" smiles Bubbles.

( Ha, ha! That's right, girls. You're not in Townsville anymore. )


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