Mar. 24th, 2008

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After he had mentioned the film to Kira sometime back, Setsuna hadn't watched it yet, but when he found himself alone in the theatre one day - he had no idea where everyone was, and didn't even care to ask or think about it, for once - secure in the lack of constant disappearances lately, Setsuna let the loneliness slip and decided to finally sit back and watch some of the movies he hadn't seen yet.

One of those being The Fox and the Hound; the wistful and sentimental boy was drawn to the unlikely friendship which, now, reminded him painfully of the frail one Kira and Setsuna still grasped onto which, obviously from Katou's stories, was soon to slip through their fingers. Perhaps it was a silly thing to further torment himself, but even the thought of watching it made Setsuna smile a little ruefully, so in the end, nostalgia won out. And, he reminded himself, he could watch it in the future and still remember Kira.

Still, it wasn't the kind of movie he wanted to be caught watching by just anyone.

[ooc: In other words, feel free to harass him, make fun of him, or ask him embarrassing questions about his movie choices. Setsuna, too, needs to meet new people, or spend more time with long standing friends.]


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