Mar. 18th, 2008

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Mickey coughs theatrically. "'What is your name?'"

When Arachne was going to go up to Heaven to retrieve Alexiel's body, this was not what she was expecting. Unless Heaven had done a serious remodeling job since what she had last heard, she and Kurai must've taken a wrong turn somewhere.

She turns to her side to tell Kurai that she knew they should've taken a right when they were leaving Heaven, only to realize that her cousin isn’t there. She turns on her heel, looked around, and frowned to herself.

Well, given the current situation, it’s best just to play along, now isn't it? She studied her nails, and then glanced up at Mickey.

"My name is Arachne, sugar. What's yours?" God, that thing was hideous.
Well, this is a surprise. )

((Arachne, from the manga Angel Sactuary; pre-series. A note: Arachne was born a man, but it's next to impossible to be able to tell. Unless your character is terribly perseptive, they shouldn't know until Arachne slips up (she tends to do it quite often too. Usually it's in the form of a boob slipping).

Permission has been obtained from all the Angel Sanctuary muns.))


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