Mar. 16th, 2008

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Brennan had a few hours head start on her friends and she had spent that time scoping out Main Street for a suitable place to live until she was rescued from this mess.

Then Booth and Angela both arrived and that made her wonder if they would ever be rescued.

But they had more pressing concerns at the moment, like finding food and shelter.

"Mickey assigned me to live on Main Street. The Main Street Cinema seems like it might be a decent place to bunk down," Temperance said.
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Tamaki knew how important it was for people to get complimented. When people were having a bad day, they could usually be cheered up by just one friendly thing said to them. Tamaki started the Host Club so that he could make girls feel happy for themselves all the time, and he was able to do it because he had a lot of free time (most of the kids at Ouran had a lot of time on their hands).

Here, he had even more time on his hands. For one, there was no official Host Club to take up his time after school and on lunches (not that he saw it as 'taking up his time.' He loved doing it). For another, he didn't need to do his homework and study (it might not seem like he was the type, but he did have the second highest grades in his year - second only to Kyouya).

So, he had spent quite a bit of time playing the piano, and entertaining anyone who would come by and see it.

He had woken up this morning with a brilliant idea, and decided that piano playing would probably be out for the day.

That morning, as the sun was just beginning to raise, he went around the park picking flowers and finding pretty ribbons. He tied together about three dozen bouquets of flowers (all with about a dozen flowers in each), and with each bouquet, he tied on a complimentary note (written in very nice, flowing letters), some saying 'You're beautiful' or 'You're looking especially cute today, and others saying things like, 'You're very intelligent,' 'You're good at what you do,' and 'You're great fun to talk to.'

Each of the 36 bouquets had a different message tied to it, and each was left in a strategic place in the park. Then, exhausted, he sat himself near the lake and watched the ducks.

((Feel free to catch him leaving the roses, to see him at the lake, or to just come across a bouquet.))
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It was the day after he had broken into Susan's place that Katou had finally checked what bottles he had managed to smuggle out. He had only managed to get two, but he was hoping two was enough to strike gold.

With the first bottle, Katou mused that he was at least ready to fight any headaches that might attack him. But Advil wasn't particularly effective for getting high. He was far more lucky with the other pocket, where he found himself staring at a bottle of cough medicine.

He hadn't resorted to taking cough medicine for the past few years, and getting ready to do it now was both strange, and nostalgic. He made sure to completely close off the mind-link he shared with Setsuna, opened the bottle, and then chugged the whole thing.

The thing about taking drugs though, is that you don't necessarily have full control over your mind. Katou hadn't even noticed that he had let the link open again.


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