Mar. 6th, 2008

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Tempe and Hodgins had been missing for several hours and Angela had to get out of the lab. She had to find a quiet place to think... to figure out if they were all overlooking some kind of clue that wasn't immediately obvious. Running her hand through her hair, Angela grabbed her bag and went through the door of Tempe's office and then blinked.

"No way. I have got to be losing my mind from all of the stress."

What was supposed to be her best friend's office wasn't. In fact, she was standing in what looked to be a courtyard facing a train station of sorts. She turned around and instead of the lab, she saw a childhood icon walking her way.

"Oh yeah. Losing it."

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((Angela Montenegro is from the Fox TV show, "Bones". I'm bringing her in from the season 2 episode, "Aliens in a Spaceship", where her best friend, Tempe, and her love interest, Hodgins, have been kidnapped and buried alive. She's an artistic type and very much a free spirit. Also, Tempe-mun does indeed know I am apping Angela and she said it was okay with her. :)))
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It had been over 24 hours now, somewhere between 24 and 36. It hurt Seeley’s eyes to look at the clock. It was supposed to be his weekend with a Parker, but with Bones and Hodgins missing he had to call Rebecca. She was a little ticked, but she heard it in his voice. “I can’t give you specifics but, this case---the bastard’s got Temperance. And Hodg--the bug guy,” he clarified, unsure if he’d mentioned his name to her before. “They’ve got limited air supply and I’ve got to find them bef--”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll tell Parker something. Go find them,” she said. It brought a small smile to Booth’s face, knowing he didn’t need to explain. “Thanks,” he replied before he hung up.

He’d been sitting on this guy for hours now, the team working in the lab to see if there was anything, anything at all that could help. He’d been up more than 24 hours now; he was the guy, Seely Booth was sure of it. He was so damned self assured about it when they brought him in, he all but confessed...he was so proud of it.

Angela stopped by a few hours ago with coffee for the two of them. They sat for a while after she had explained their findings so far, a comfortable silence falling between the two of them before he told her to go rest at the lab. She left reluctantly, leaving the canister of coffee for him.

It was long cold, and he was at the end of it, his eyes closing for a moment before he woke himself up. His eyes shut again and when he force himself awake he wasn’t in the car---he wasn’t in the lab. It was bright and the light was in his eyes, and he couldn’t see who was talking and instinctively he reached for his gun.

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((Agent Seeley Booth is from the Fox TV show, "Bones". I'm bringing him in from the season 2 episode, "Aliens in a Spaceship", where his partner (and possible future love interest?), and his 'friend', Hodgins aka "The Bug Guy", have been kidnapped and buried alive. The lovely girl who plays Bones is all cool with it! :D ))


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