Feb. 29th, 2008

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((Closed to Kira and Cayce))

Just another ordinary day: Cayce was on her way into the Honey I Shrunk the Audience theatre to cue up some music on the park radio. She was thinking something quiet: maybe some Cocteau Twins or Heidi Berry or something like that.

She wasn't expecting to run into Kira, Setsuna, Sara, or Katou, but she never objected to seeing any of them.
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((Closed to the Rani, the Master, and T-Rex.))

It was another irritatingly pleasant afternoon, and the Rani was going from place to place in the park to scavenge what parts she felt had even a vague chance of doing her any good in her repair work.

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She should have known better than to expect anything to go according to plan for very long.

Open log

Feb. 29th, 2008 02:38 pm
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After learning barely existing clothes were in fact clothes, and appropriate, Ishtar decided to wear some. After all, her own clothes were way too hot for Disneyland's climate, and she knew if most of the people from back home saw her they would have a conniption - also well worth it.

And maybe, just maybe, as illogical as it was, Ishtar thought Darres would come sooner if she acted up. That was usually how it worked - she did something stupid, ran off, ended up somewhere she didn't intend to, and he was never far behind. Why he was so late this time, she didn't know, but Ishtar was nowhere near despair over it.

So, after finding a swimsuit in one of the shops, Ishtar tried it on - only mildly disturbed by the face of a mouse on it, but recognized it to be the one that greeted her when she came and figured maybe he was the king of the land or something - and laid out in the sun, basking for a moment too. Actually, it was so warm out, and Ishtar was so easily bored, she could fall asleep right there....


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