Feb. 24th, 2008

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Valentine's Day had been good, really. Leon had spent quite a bit of time with D, and hadn't thought much about investigating.

And then he realized that the list of names that the park had sent him for his cards (which he had not sent out because they were embarrassing and Kaira hadn't felt like making them) was probably a complete list of people who were currently in the park. He got that writ up, and then decided that he had done whatever investigative measures he needed to do (honestly, he hadn't been doing too much work after both Gumshoe and Carrot had gone missing. He didn't really have the heart for it).

He changed into a ratty pair of park jeans and tee-shirt, and then dove into the lake. He wasn't ashamed of his body, per se, but he had quite a few ugly scars all over his body, and he wasn't all that keen on grossing people out.
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Elle was still in a good mood from all the Valentine's she had received.

But she was getting a little bored, so she decided to wander the park, trying to find Virgil or Kira or just meet new people in general.

((Open RP! I've been meaning to try to make plans with Virgil-mun and Kira-mun, but the last week or so has been busy. If you aren't able to tag in here, we can set up something else.))
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[[Warnings? Backdated about three weeks, and the usual coarse language, along with some nonsexual use of nakedness. Typical Kira and Setsuna stuff - questionable and suggestive, but not quite worrisome.]]

A few days after Katou's attempt to sleep in peace, Setsuna no longer angry at both Kira and Katou at all, and finally felt like getting Kira back. Marker in hand, Setsuna looked over at Sara and Kira to make certain both were fast asleep. Sara might sleep through the whole process, but Kira...not likely. Setsuna just had to hope.

Kira is canvas )
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Dear Sir Percy,

I do believe at some point you made the offer of letting me hear you on the 'glass harmonica' in all it's wonderous glory. I was rather bored and thought perhaps, if you were not busy, I could bring my saxephone and I can hear you play. I would be most interested.

Count Duckula
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Ash had been here for quite some time, but still hadn't captured any new Pokemon. This was partially due to the fact that all of the Pokemon here were weird ones he'd never seen before, and partially due to the fact that he'd been going on a lot of rides. But this morning all of that was going to change. He was determined to catch one of the lake duck Pokemon.

Unfortunately, Pikachu seemed to have other plans, like sleeping in. Which was why Ash was crouched waist deep in the lake, muddy and holding out a few convenient reeds in front of him for camouflage. He quietly crept up close to the ducks, and then stood up abruptly, shouted "Pokeball, Go!" and tossed a Pokeball at the nearest duck.


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