Feb. 11th, 2008

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So. The Mouse had spoken, and there Ellie stood at the gates of Disneyland-that-wasn't, without so much as a makeup bag to her name and with an Armani-clad potential catastrophe waiting expectantly. "Well, this should be an adventure," she observed, trying her best to play it cool. "Care to point a girl in the right direction, hot stuff?"
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Elle was in a pretty good mood as she explored the park. She had changed her bandages after taking a swim to clean up and decided to check out some more of the rides and amenities the park had to offer.

And maybe after sunset, she'd go looking for Spike.

[open to all! feel free to mod running into her wherever you want in the park :)]
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Sylar was getting dangerously bored. It had taken a while, but exploring the park, getting the basic layout, and avoiding anyone who might become a problem had all provided a good distraction. For a time.

He'd also found some sidewalk chalk. Currently he was outlining a small cityscape outside the ice-cream shop, in neon-orange, gold, and black.

If you think he was hoping to have a psychic vision of what would happen next, you'd be right.

[open! and ping Sylar's voicemail here if you want to leave him something to get a vision of.]
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He's stuck there, he might as well find something to do with his time.

Only problem is, these roads don't seem made for vehicles, except for some of the main ones, and even then, it's a bit cramped. )
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There's some clicking, an annoyed sigh, and classical music playing.

ISHTAR: This is so boring! This is just like what they play back home, sort of. I liked the stuff Cayce was playing the other day. So teach me how to work this thing already, Duzzie.

Oh! What does this do? Maybe it'll shut the music up.

Music gets unbearably loud, instead.

So a vampire and a princess walk into a radio booth... )
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So, she had been allowed in. They hadn‘t turned her away like she had been expecting. With Setsuna and Kira at her side, she couldn’t deny feeling solicitous about it all. A huge dispatch of disillusion with everything in general. Trying to pass on a smile, Kurai glanced back every now and then at the boys as she advanced forward and entered the Happiest Place on Earth. Maybe she’ll find some happiness in this place. Setsuna was safe, and Sara, and the others… that served enough relief for her. At least it should’ve, right?

“Um. So..” Kurai started out, turning to peer back at the taller males with a curious gleam in her blue eyes, “Is this Adventureland place far?”

She didn’t know what else to say, and the dreaded awkwardness that she knew would eventually come around wasn’t very appealing to her mood. In all honesty, it was running into Sara that Kurai felt most on edge about, but for now she tried concentrating on Sakuya and Setsuna.
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Attention ladies and gents! )

((Okay, who wants to join Ellie for some smoochy Valentine's silliness? XD))


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