Feb. 5th, 2008

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((Backdated liek whoa. XD))

The problem was, the more he thought it through, the less of an explanation he had.

Oh perfect masters, they thrive on disasters )
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((Backdated to shortly after Sam and Azi's conversation.))

Dean hadn't exactly been sulking, but he'd--well, he wasn't very happy. Disneyland had long since gotten boring, and he had taken to avoiding Sam, and that didn't leave much else. He couldn't say quite why he was avoiding Sam, but the thought of having to talk about plans and theories just unsettled him, all of a sudden. It was too much to deal with--if they had to accept the possibility that maybe they shouldn't be killing demons... Well, what the hell did that leave?

So he'd spent most of the day alternately trying to work things out in his mind or block them out entirely, all while riding Splash Mountain in continuous loops. When the mild adrenaline rush from the drop stopped affecting him and when the zippity-doo-dah finally started to wear at his nerves, though, he finally got off and headed back to the store, hoping half-heartedly that Sam wouldn't be home.

"Hey," he called, automatically, as he stepped past the salt line across the door. "You here?"
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It wasn't all that long until Jen spotted exactly where she was going to bunk up. It was big. It was in a tree. It was... it was perfect. Sure, she'd feel like she needed to update all her outfits to silly animal prints and fur, but she could probably pull that off.

...Janet probably would smack her if she ever found out, admittedly. But that would require Janet being here, which would be a good thing in Jen's book.

She was prepared to talk her way into living in that treehouse, for now. Just in case anyone already lived there.

((open. As stated in the narrative, she plans to live in Tarzan's Treehouse; let me know if that's a problem?))
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((Backdated to the late afternoon after the Rani’s arrival. Closed for the Doctor and Una.))

After leaving the Rani to whatever fate Mickey had in store for her, the Doctor shadowed the Master around the park until the other grew annoyed, at which point he declared his intention to go warn Una about the whole thing and took himself off in the direction of Frontierland.

He arrived at the shooting gallery with his hands in his pockets and a tentative smile on his lips.

“Anyone home?” he called brightly, rocking back and forth in a vaguely antsy manner.


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