Jan. 31st, 2008

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When Gumshoe didn't come home for a few days, Leon did not mope too much. He had basically resigned himself to the fact that his friends and roommates all had the unfortunate habit of disappearing or leaving his life. His brother had gone back to stay with his aunt and uncle - his parents - after just a short time living with Leon, both his parents had died, and then D had disappeared. After D, Carrot, and apparently Ezra had disappeared from the park, he had half been expecting it with Gumshoe.

So, after downing a bit of moonshine, he sat down to note Gumshoe's disappearance in his notes, and then set to making letters.


Richard Gumshoe has gone missing.

- Leon

After a few more days, Leon thought that the apartment was unnaturally quiet. He had lived on his own in a small apartment for about seven years before his younger brother had come to stay with him, and even then his little brother had spent a lot of time at D's place. Still, it seemed that that, as well as having at least one roommate for the past almost-year, had made Leon accustomed to having someone stay with him.

So, he posted a notice on the bulletin board.

Looking for a roommate or two. I don't really care. Apartment above the firestation. Write Leon if you're interested. I will turn you down if I don't like you, by the way.

((...WTF, listless star mood icon. You're highly, highly creepy.))
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I have my hair! Well, all of it. Where it should be. I thought you might like to know. Finally, the creepy magic of this place works in my favour!


((I am right in presuming this, yes? Tell me if I'm not))
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After Setsuna's sudden departure, Rukia was more than a little irritated. Still, she wasn't going to let it affect her course of action. The next morning, as she had planned, the shinigami sat down and penned a letter to Setsuna's girlfriend.

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