Jan. 30th, 2008

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The inside of the Rani's TARDIS was an unholy mess.

Universal catastrophe imminent )


And now the application proper )

((Say hello to the Rani, mad scientist and villainess extraordinaire from classic Doctor Who. She's taken from a point after the end of Time and the Rani. Note that for the sake of my brain, she currently looks more like she does in Mark of the Rani -- long straight hair, fitted jacket, leather trousers, boots with wicked heels. No poofy 1980s hair and space-cadet getup. Here's a screencap gallery. Check out her userinfo for background tl;dr, video links, and other fun and games. The muns for the Doctor and the Master have given their enthusiastic permission to torture their characters even more.))
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It had been a rather long day for Elle. It started with her saving a few lives and ended with her meeting Mickey Mouse and finding out that she would get to live in Disneyland. Well, a Disneyland like place.

She found a map of the park and wandered around, taking in the sights and sounds, before finally making her way to Toon Town to find a home base.

((open! I was planning to have her bunk down at Chip'n Dale's Treehouse; let me know if that's a problem?))

((ETA: The thread with Elle & Spike gets a little... kinky, though not explicit.))


Jan. 30th, 2008 08:37 pm
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So, Logan wasn't the most tactful person on the planet, but he had a hunch even Miss Manners would have a hard time coming up with a good way to say, 'Hey, sugarpuss, you've got a superpowered evil twin suddenly! How about that?'

He decided, as was his wont, to go with blunt n' snarky.

Letter to Veronica )

And while he was at it...

Letter to Lilly )
Letter to Cayce )


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