Jan. 28th, 2008

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Could we meet somewhere? I want to show you something.

- Setsuna
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["Hey Mickey" comes on over the radio speakers -- first blaringly loud, then almost too soft to hear, then finally, it settles on a nice, normal volume right before it ends and a girl's voice starts speaking.]

Hello, everyone~! This is Rukia, and -- [obnoxious screeching sound] -- sorry, I'm still getting the hang of this. Anyway, a number of you sent in requests and dedications, so thank you to everyone who did that.

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((Oof! This was supposed to be up yesterday! x_x Sorry it's late, guys.))
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Elle blinks a few times, confused by her surroundings. The last thing she remembers is leaving Isaac Mendez's loft, having saved that cute Dr. Suresh and those girls from Sylar. She hadn't really wanted to go back to the facility and face her father and spent a little time wandering aimlessly through the streets of New York.

But apparently she took a wrong turn at Albequerque because she has no idea where she is right now.

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((Elle Bishop is from Heroes and is being taken post Series 2; She has the ability to generate electricity, is a diagnosed sociopath and sadist, and suffers a distinct lack of social skills due to being hidden away from society for the majority of her life. Yes, Sylar-mun knows about my app :) I'm a new player and very excited about this opportunity!))
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Jen had been walking down a street with Augustus "Pug" Pugliese, having a nice friendly conversation while transformed into the She-Hulk. Then she took a wrong turn and, well, this definitely wasn't New York anymore. Given the amount of times she's been instantly transported before, she wasn't too worried. But then, well, then she was getting questioned.

So a Jade Giant Wanders Into a Theme Park...(Application) )

((This application is for Jennifer Walters/The She-Hulk from Marvel Comics. She comes directly from the end of She Hulk Volume 2, issue 21, not-so-coincidently the end of the most recently issued trade paperback. I'm a new player. I hear y'all are friendly-like, and I hope to be fun for everyone to play with.))


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