Jan. 27th, 2008

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Jan. 27th, 2008 12:35 pm
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Adam was never bored. A young man with that much imagination never needed to be. He did, however, on occasion, get a little lonely. Even when the space inside your own head is limitless, it's nice to be able to talk to other people sometimes. That's why he was walking around the park, hoping to make a few new friends and find some old ones.
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Kitty had been sitting, smoking at her dressing table, waiting for her turn to head onto the stage. She hadn’t been there for rather a long time, but she had missed it, and persuaded Walter to help her get back into her original show. Not the one she did with Nan, and certainly not the strange one she had done with Walter, after hearing how Nan couldn’t watch it the one time she had snuck in to watch.

She got to her feet, smoothed off her evening jacket, put her top hat at a slightly jaunty angle, checked her basic stage makeup a final time and did up her waistcoat. Her name was called, she picked her cigarette up from the ashtray with one gloved hand and then her cane with the other before heading to the door. Upon opening it, she found herself in an entirely different environment to the stuffy backstage corridors of the Palace in Canterbury. There was a mouse and she suddenly felt intimidated, like she had been thrown in a strange world, where she knew nobody and nobody would understand why she was wearing a suit if she tried to explain. Someone was playing games. The mouse was talking.

It only got worse from here )

((This is Kitty Butler from Sarah Waters' novel, Tipping the Velvet. I have notes on her being a woman pretending to be a bloke here, and that post is probably a tad more useful than her Profile. This is also Bernard/Duckula/Shaun, btw.))
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Dear Park Residents!

I am looking for people who can play instruments! Instruments that would fit well with a rock band! If you do, and have access to said instruments, or know someone who does, send me a letter!


The Angel of Virtue

It had taken him hours to come up with a good name. He had to keep his identity secret to keep the band a surprise.
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Katou didn't know who had given him the iPod for Christmas (or his birthday. One or the other. But given the fact that it seemed everyone got something, it was probably Christmas), but he really did appreciate it.

He wasn't homesick in the same way Setsuna or Kira or Sara might be. They were homesick in the way that they wanted to go back, couldn't at the current time, but intended to in the (hopefully near) future. He was homesick in the way that he didn't particularily want to go back, knew he never could even if he wanted to, but he missed it.

The iPod was actually pretty great. He could listen to all his old favourite bands and songs, and new ones that he had never heard before but loved, watch some music videos, and watch some old videos of his band preforming (and god, were they bad. And drunk and/or high for pretty much every show, which made them even worse). On top of that, he had pictures of his family on it, but it kind of hurt to see them, so he hadn't looked all the way through them.

Setsuna, in the future (he refused to say 'his Setsuna' as if this Setsuna were a different person than the one who knew everything about him), was going to learn a lot about Katou's past by actually going into Katou's subconscious, but he didn't really have that option (or the need for it) here. The iPod was probably as good as anything.

"Oi, Setsuna, you around here someplace?"
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After talking to Mickey Mouse (and wasn't that an odd phrase), Spike set out for the Haunted Mansion. Worth checking out, at least. He'd had plenty of time while hiding lurking in the souvenir to study an absurdly colourful map of the Park. He'd never been to the real Disneyland and he was regretting that now. Drusilla would have loved it.

He took his time getting to the Mansion, looking around as he walked. The buildings were no more than elaborate theatrical scenery, lacking only the actors. Or perhaps that was why he and the others had been brought here. All the world's a stage, indeed.

((He's wandering through New Orleans Square. Feel free to approach him.))


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