Jan. 23rd, 2008

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The First-Ever Rukia Kuchiki Radio Show is now accepting dedications and requests!

Now that Cayce's taught me how to use the radio equipment, I thought I should be putting the knowledge to good use. Over the next few days, requests can be left at this board or mailed to me (addressing them to 'Rukia,' 'Kuchiki Rukia,' 'Rukia Kuchiki' or 'The girl doing the radio show.' should all work. Any letters addressed to 'The short girl' will be completely disregarded).

((The deadline for requests is 8 PM Saturday, January 26th, and the radio show goes up on Sunday. Comments are screened for anonymity. Newbies, see the example comment for an idea of how to make a request.))
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((The morning after Bad Fanon Day. Closed to the Doctor, the Master, and poor poor Una. >.<))

As a matter of biology, Time Lords - at least, adult Time Lords - only required one or two hours of sleep a night.

When consciousness pulled up beside the Master and tapped on the windshield of his mind, the first thought that sped on past was that he knew he had been sleeping much longer than he normally did.

Look like you're running in place, do that stupid dance for me )


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