Jan. 22nd, 2008

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A shadow, cast by a dragon of her harvest, blocked Kurai’s eyes from the sun’s glare for only a split second before she was greeted by the harsh blaze once again. She squeezed her eyes shut real tight and averted her head away so once she re-opened them, she wouldn’t be blinded anymore.

Doing so, her view slowly gained color and shape, distorted by blotches of black here and there as she gradually began to regain a clear sight, once she blinked a few times and allowed her eyes to adjust. Only, and even though it wasn’t something just anyone would remember the actualization of, the ground appeared to be different. Cleaner, smooth, and… white. Maybe it was just her, but it just didn’t look the same.

Traveling eyes met a gate thereafter, followed by a mouse with a cordial veneer and a cat that looked as though it were keeping something from everyone. This wasn’t Anagura… this didn’t look anything like Anagura! Where was she?!

Almost instantaneously she began backing up, “E-eh… ? Who… who are you guys?!”

This isn't funny, you know! )

((Yo, yo. 'Sup. This be Sara-mun/Faye-mun with Kurai here, taken from halfway through the book in Angel Sanctuary where Katou, Kira, and Setsuna were just heading off to Heaven... so, she'll be familiar with them all, and confused why they're around, but of course, no one besides Katou will know who she is. ♥))


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