Jan. 19th, 2008

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Bernard didn't remember having such short hair, and having only just noticed several days after it had actually happened, he was rather desperate for it to grow back. He had, in fact, taken to wearing a tasteful Mickey Mouse hat until it did grow back, as he'd rather look like an idiot than have neat hair. An awful thought crossed his mind, though, as time was so...non-existant here, did that mean his hair didn't grow? He certainly hadn't got any older.

He shrugged and thought he might as well ask the general population. Who might also have an idea how his hair got cut in the first place.

Question! So pay attention, please. This is so important, you should all sit in quiet and let me explain. I will still presume nobody listens to me, because listening to me is probably like one of those arduously painful tasks akin to labelling every single book you own, just so some pretentious prat can come in, question your price, then demand that they're real leather.

To the point. Who/what cut my hair? Who is responsible for this travesty of justice?! I liked my hair unruly, messy and with the ability to scare people off. Second question. What with time being...pointless here, will my hair grow back?

If not, whoever did this better be throwing themselves in the lake as we speak.

Any information would be useful, scribble it here or write me a letter.

Bernard Black.
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Shaun! Lad!

Been decapitating every singing pirate in this damn place, but somesort of devil magick has them growing their heads back as soon as I turn! From our previous meeting, I have assessed ye as a lad with a square and reasonable head sitting on young shoulders.

Point is, want to help an old pirate destroy what is surely an affront to God Himself?

Barbossa would have also liked to mention the lack of whores or the French or French whores in New Orleans Square, but that was more of an open complaint. He left the letter unsigned. If the boy couldn't figure out who 'the old pirate' was then he didn't deserve the mayhem and destruction promised to him.


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