Jan. 13th, 2008

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After the Crowley's car debacle, Sirius had snuck back to his cave and had mostly been camping out there.

To be honest, he was actually about as amused as he was angry; somehow Crowley had managed to give it back to him good, despite managing to be a quite convincing muggle. Of course, it could have been the park responsible (that would explain why no charms or potions he tried could turn him back to his ordinary color), but even if that was the case, it meant Crowley had somehow managed to get the park to protect his car. It was either that, or Crowley was somehow magical and quite powerful.

It was this more than embarrassment at hot pink that had kept him inside trying to change himself back; if Crowley was a powerful wizard or knew someone who was who would help him protect his car, that was something Sirius needed to research.

Of course, the embarrassment was part of it, too. He didn't like getting beaten at his own game, and he even less liked being entirely bright pink with no ability to change back. But eventually he found himself to be low on decent food, and it went against his code of honour to hide and sneak around in the dark just because he was bested. He would endure his humiliation like a man.

With this in mind, he headed down the Matterhorn and began walking towards Main Street, laughing to himself.
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The large silvery robot tumbled through the black to land flat on his back in the park's entrance. He lay there for a moment, stunned, and then flipped to his feet and dropped into a defensive position, shield out and open and looking warily for the Decepticons he'd been fighting just seconds (minutes, hours, days?) before. He relaxed marginally when no enemy fire rained down upon him, straightening up enough to actually look around.

Where in Primus' name am I? )


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