Jan. 11th, 2008

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Ishtar had wanted to meet Duzell's 'family' which he supposed was understandable. It was understandable from his point of view, at least. Hell, Kira and Setsuna would probably understand if said it was because they were donating blood to him every now and then. It was less understandable why she'd want to meet Katou and Sara though.

Nevertheless, he decided that he'd use the blood excuse, and just meet them at their place.

Setsuna and Kira,

I have someone here who would like to meet you. She's a brat rather impatient though, so I will be there immediately.

- Duzell

After all, if he waited for a reply, they might ask to meet him in the usual place. So, taking Ishtar, he walked with her to the Theatre, filling her in about Setsuna's and Kira's part in feeding him. He hoped she wouldn't say anything incredibly stupid. He could hope that she wouldn't call him 'Duzzie' in front of them, but knew better than to actually expect that wish to come true.
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Duckula sent these invitations to everyone in the park, in hope that whilst he was here, he might just fulfill his dream of becoming famous. Maybe.

Count Duckula cordially invites you to...

Jazz and Juggling Extravaganza I!!!!

Hosted by Count Duckula! Starring...Count Duckula! Produced by Count Duckula!

It shall be held in the Town Square on Monday evening. If there's enough demand, I'll do more.

No need to R.V.S.P. just turn up! Jazz and fun for everyone!

p.s. if anyone has an instrument and wants to come join in, send me a letter.
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Setsuna tried to manifest the wings on his own and attempted anything that came to mind, short of jumping off of tall places. When it came to the point he was out of ideas, he started writing to other angels, but after a couple of days he realized that, much like Uriel, Raphael and Michael were both gone.

Seeing as Kira didn't seem to think it was possible yet, and Katou claimed he had no idea how this worked, Setsuna decided to resort to another angel, with the hopes their universes weren't so different help was impossible. Even a suggestion, or some advice - anything - would be preferable to worrying over Katou.

Letter to Aziraphale )

[[I don't expect anything to come of this, just Setsuna would try.]]


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