Jan. 2nd, 2008

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It had certainly been an interesting day for Lilly, having met both an annoying cartoon character from her childhood and a greek goddess. It was definitely time to go home and spend time with normal people, though. One normal person specifically. She and Veronica hadn't had one of their typical "let's gossip about anything and everything" talks since...well, since before the whole 'murder' thing. It was definitely time to rectify that, Lilly thought.

"Veronica! You home?"
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((Backdated to the evening of 'Dite's arrival in the park.))


She would have liked to turn the mouse into a tree for his trouble and his impertinence, but it was clear even to her that seeing as how the mouse was serving some entity with the power to imprison a goddess, doing so probably wasn't a good idea. So she pasted on a smile and accepted her fate.

Moments later, a dazzlingly white swan could be seen rising from the entrance plaza, its feathers shining in the sun as it took to the air.

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((Feel free to gawk, say hi, bother the goddess, etc. Note that she is in a bit of a mood, but I don't think she'll be turning anyone into trees. Yet.))
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((Feel free to append notes to Cayce's bulletin board post.))

A few days after the stars and the unexpected present, Cayce tacked a notice on the park bulletin board.
Thank you for the stars, whoever you are.

Cayce Pollard

Then, hoping the park's usual letterbox magic would work, she addressed another letter to The Person Who Sent Me My Christmas Present and dropped it in the mail:
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And finally, one more note. She didn't expect a reply, but she felt like she had to do it; something about the season, and the general feeling of goodwill she was enjoying but for one giant gaping flaw.
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The Gift

Jan. 2nd, 2008 02:14 pm
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Demyx wasn't expecting anything for Christmas. Tell the truth, he didn't want anything. As cheerful a person as he could be, he hated the holiday with a passion... or rather as much passion as someone like him can have. Nobodies aren't on any lists for right or wrong because they don't exist to the people who write them. To make matters worse, Axel had up and vanished and that just made Demyx want to hide under the bed and clutch at that sorely empty space in his chest and cry.

He was not pleased.

On the first day of christmas, someone gave to me, my heart from an angel to me... )

((So... it's cold here in Atlanta and Demyx is feeling all sad, so here's a bit of a sad story - though a bit late for Christmas - from Demyx. Backdate this around the time of Aziraphale's Christmas thread... Open to anyone who wants to see what Demyx got for Christmas.))


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